Bart Geerinckx pigeons


                    Via stamkaarten

NL 13-1962869M BE 15-6235461M GB 14-P33958M BE 15-6058832M BE 15-6058844M
NL 15-1680296V RO 15-444917V NL 15-1680357V BE 15-6288072V BE 15-6235460V
BE 15-6090885V GB 14-P04572M BE 16-2208769V BE 16-2284408M BE 16-6033579M
BE 16-6056923V BE 16-6056929M BE 16-6275092M DAN 033-16-541M NL 16-1866409M
NL 16-3634198V      


breeding center. Place for only the best